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Today: Jun 13, 2024

2024 Fintech Meetup showcases hyperautomation in banking – FinTech Futures.

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  • Discussion on hyperautomation in banking at Fintech Meetup 2024 conference.
  • Benefits and recommended approach to implementing successful hyperautomation.

In a video interview at the Fintech Meetup 2024 conference in Las Vegas, Ankit Maharaj Singh and Sharad Gupta from Quinte Financial Technologies discussed the rise of hyperautomation in banking. They highlighted the key points:

Hyperautomation is a step beyond standard automation, offering significant benefits for banks and their customers. By implementing hyperautomation, firms can reduce costs and enhance customer experience.

The interview focused on the key use cases for hyperautomation in banking and the recommended approach to successfully implementing this technology. Singh and Gupta emphasized the importance of understanding the potential of hyperautomation and how it can revolutionize banking processes.

Overall, hyperautomation is seen as a transformative tool for the financial services industry, providing opportunities for greater efficiency and improved services for customers. Quinte Financial Technologies is at the forefront of this innovation, driving the conversation around hyperautomation and its possibilities in banking.