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Today: Jun 13, 2024

Starling Bank Founder Ann Boden seeks CTO for New Venture

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  • Founder of Starling Bank, Anne Boden, is hiring a CTO Co-Founder for a new venture within her portfolio in an undisclosed industry.
  • Boden’s reputation in fintech and her call for a CTO has sparked interest in the entrepreneurial community.

Anne Boden, the founder of Starling Bank, has announced her search for a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Co-Founder for a new venture within her portfolio. The upcoming venture aims to explore potential opportunities within an undisclosed industry, signaling Boden’s interest in diversifying beyond fintech. The LinkedIn announcement about the search for a CTO co-founder has generated curiosity within the entrepreneurial community, although specific details about the venture remain undisclosed. Boden’s successful track record with Starling Bank suggests her ability to identify emerging opportunities and adapt to market trends.

The announcement comes at a time of increased interest in disruptive technologies across various industries, prompting Boden’s strategic move to explore new markets and challenge norms in the industry. Prospective candidates who are interested in joining Boden on this new venture are encouraged to reach out to her via LinkedIn for further discussions.

Prior to this new venture, Starling Bank and Thought Machine were both considering the possibility of going public, potentially enhancing London’s status as a global financial center. Starling Bank was reportedly in talks with investment banks to prepare for an IPO, while Thought Machine focused on showcasing its technology projects with banks before considering an IPO in the future. As Boden embarks on this new venture, the fintech industry eagerly anticipates the next steps in Starling Bank’s and Thought Machine’s strategic moves.