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Today: Jun 13, 2024

Visi Money

4 months ago

Zuto: AI, the Ideal Workmate

Zuto, a car finance marketplace, has recognized the potential of AI while also understanding the importance of customer service. They have found that AI can be used to enhance customer interactions, automate

C.E.O. Brags About Trendy Fintech Company

TLDR: Amira Yahyaoui, a human rights activist, founded the student aid start-up Mos and claimed it had helped 400,000 students, but internal data showed only about 30,000 paying customers. After expanding into
3 months ago

FLOOSS: FinTech platform now Sharia-compliant.

TLDR: FLOOSS, a FinTech platform, has become fully Sharia-compliant, setting new industry standards. The platform is committed to innovation, customer-centricity, and upholding Sharia finance principles. FLOOSS, a FinTech platform, has achieved Sharia-compliant
3 months ago
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