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Today: Jun 13, 2024

Stripe dominates $1 Trillion payments with institutional support.

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Stripe surpassed $1 trillion in payment volumes in 2023, driven by institutional adoption and partnerships with industry giants like Zara, Ford, and URBN. The company’s emphasis on billing, tax services, and automation of financial processes has contributed to its success.


The fintech giant Stripe achieved a milestone by surpassing $1 trillion in total payment volume in 2023, marking a 25% increase from the previous year. The growth was fueled by enterprise business expansion and the adoption of Stripe’s products among fast-growing startups. Strong partnerships with industry leaders like Zara, Ford, and URBN have showcased Stripe’s role in driving innovation in the enterprise sector. The company’s suite of products extends beyond payments to include billing, tax compliance, and revenue recognition solutions.

Stripe’s Co-Founder John Collison highlighted the company’s growth despite economic uncertainties and consumer spending fluctuations. Despite falling short of its peak valuation in 2021, Stripe saw a significant increase in valuation to $65 billion during its latest tender offer. The firm’s shareholder-oriented approach prioritizes liquidity through tender offers, while also providing insights into the startup landscape. Startups founded in 2022 are generating revenue faster than those founded in 2019, with a focus on sustainable business models and early monetization, especially in the artificial intelligence sector.

In a strategic move, Revolut partnered with Stripe in 2022 to accelerate its global expansion leveraging Stripe’s payment infrastructure across different regions. This collaboration aligns with Stripe’s commitment to driving innovation and growth in the fintech industry.