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Today: Jun 14, 2024

Delta Data acquires fintech firm Phoenix Systems for data integration.

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Delta Data Acquiring Fintech Firm Phoenix Systems


Delta Data acquires fintech firm Phoenix Systems to expand its solutions in the pooled fund sector, solidifying its position as an industry leader. This strategic acquisition also allows Delta Data to expand internationally for the first time.


Delta Data, a trusted provider of pooled fund and mutual fund software solutions, has announced the acquisition of Phoenix Systems, a fintech firm specializing in global mutual fund transfer agent, sub-accounting, and trading software solutions. With an operating history of over 40 years, Phoenix Systems has a major presence in the global financial services industry, catering to diverse clients such as transfer agents, banks, insurance companies, and brokers.

By combining with Phoenix Systems, Delta Data aims to expand its range of solutions and enhance services for both Phoenix and Delta Data clients. This acquisition also marks Delta Data’s second strategic deal within a year, following the acquisition of National Quality Review in August 2023. This move solidifies Delta Data’s position as an industry leader in the pooled fund solutions sector and highlights the company’s dedication to innovation.

Key quotes from the CEOs of Delta Data and Phoenix Systems emphasize the shared mission of increasing efficiency for clients and delivering unparalleled solutions in the pooled fund industry. The acquisition of Phoenix Systems not only adds capabilities in fund trading and record-keeping to Delta Data’s offerings but also accelerates the company’s global strategy for additional growth.

This strategic move by Delta Data underscores its commitment to delivering mission-critical solutions, expanding its international presence, and solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the pooled fund sector.