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Today: Jun 14, 2024

Recognized by Dun & Bradstreet, India’s top BFSI & FinTech firms

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  • Dun & Bradstreet recognized BFSI & FinTech companies in India.
  • The summit focused on industry game changers and trends.

India’s financial services industry is evolving rapidly, with digital disruption reshaping the landscape. Dun & Bradstreet recently honored outstanding BFSI & FinTech companies in the country at the 16th edition of the ‘Dun & Bradstreet BFSI & FinTech Summit 2024.’ The summit highlighted key trends and game changers in the industry, such as inclusive banking models, technological advancements, customer experiences, regulatory sandboxes, and cybersecurity.

The event also showcased the significant contributions of BFSI and FinTech companies to the Indian economy, with a 6% GDP contribution in FY23. Notable growth was observed in Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) and NBFCs, reflecting the industry’s resilience and dynamism. Furthermore, India is emerging as one of the fastest-growing FinTech markets globally, attracting substantial investments in innovative startups.

Key highlights of the summit included the launch of the ‘India’s Leading BFSI & FinTech Companies 2024’ publication, which recognized top performers across various categories. From leading banks and insurance companies to innovative FinTech startups, the awards celebrated excellence and innovation in the industry. The event also featured special awards for companies leveraging AI, blockchain, and innovative financing solutions.

Dun & Bradstreet’s continued commitment to empowering businesses with data-driven insights and analytics underscores its role in facilitating informed decision-making and driving industry growth. With a special focus on supporting India’s vision of self-reliance, the company’s initiatives aim to boost entrepreneurship, enhance global visibility, and manage risks effectively while seizing new opportunities.