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Today: Jun 13, 2024

Celebrating the accomplished VP of a Commercial Bank for ages.

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The article focuses on the retirement of Ann Dora Garner, who served as vice president of operations at Commercial Bank in Ozark. Garner had a remarkable 43-year career at the bank. She started as a bookkeeper and eventually became vice president. Garner returned to Commercial Bank in 1986 after moving away for a few years due to her husband’s job transfer. She worked at various branches and finally moved to the downtown corporate office in 2000.

The article highlights the major changes Garner witnessed in the banking industry, particularly advances in technology. Despite these changes, Garner emphasizes the importance of personal touch and notes that the bank still has loyal customers who visit in person.

Charles F. Harper, Chairman of the Board at Commercial Bank, praises Garner as a wonderful person and a great co-worker. He commends her for doing an excellent job running the bank and describes her as a valuable asset who will be missed.