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Today: Jun 14, 2024

Financial-Aid Form Flips College Choices

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The new Fafsa (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form, which was supposed to simplify the financial aid application process for college students, has caused delays and frustration for many families. Technical glitches during the soft launch of the online form and delays in rolling it out have made the already stressful process of choosing what college to attend even more uncertain. Families and schools are now dealing with tighter deadlines and greater anxiety as a result of the changes.

The Education Department’s goal in revamping the Fafsa was to make it faster and simpler for families to qualify for financial aid. However, the delays in opening the new application and the problems with the online form have created a significant burden for students and their families. The article states that the Aid applications normally begin in October, but due to the delays, the new Fafsa wasn’t available until late December.

These technical issues and delays have caused frustration and anxiety for families who rely on financial aid to afford college. Students and families must now navigate the college decision process under tighter deadlines and with greater uncertainty than in previous years. The article notes that the delays and glitches have made an already stressful process even more difficult for families.

Overall, the changes to the Fafsa form were intended to simplify the financial aid application process. However, the delays in rolling out the new form and the technical issues with the online application have caused significant problems for students and families. The new process has created additional stress and uncertainty during an already challenging time for college-bound students.