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Today: Jun 14, 2024

Revolut Business rocks the Finder’s Business Banking Innovation award.

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Revolut Business has been named the winner of the Business Banking Innovation category at the 2023 UK Finder Banking Innovation Awards. The awards recognize financial providers that have delivered standout benefits to their customers over the past year.

The judges highlighted two key features that set Revolut Business apart. The first is RevTag, which is Revolut’s instant payment ecosystem that eliminates transfer fees. This feature was praised for its ability to improve cross-border payments for small businesses and sole traders. The second feature is Tap to Pay on iPhone, which allows businesses to accept in-person, contactless payments using only their iPhone, without the need for terminals or hardware. The judges noted that these features bring business banking in line with consumer banking expectations, making everyday banking activities easier and cheaper.

Revolut Business’s success at the awards showcases its commitment to innovation and improving the financial services experience for businesses of all sizes. As the recipient of the Business Banking Innovation award, Revolut Business is recognized as a leader in driving change and delivering benefits to its customers.

To find out more about Revolut Business’s award-winning features and services, visit the Finder awards program and view the full methodology.