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Today: Jun 13, 2024

India’s fintech startups empowered to go public after Paytm’s IPO

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TLDR: Following the successful IPO of Paytm, experts believe that fintech startups in India are better equipped to go public. The fintech sector has overcome regulatory and market uncertainties and is focusing on profitability. Companies in the sector have learned from Paytm’s IPO and are now prepared for the challenges and opportunities of going public. Fintech companies have realized the importance of sustainable and profitable business models before considering an IPO. Industry experts are more optimistic about the future of the fintech sector and believe that VC investors and public market investors have different investment horizons and valuation expectations. Alternative lending, payments, and banking tech are expected to continue to perform well in the long term. Overall, the Indian fintech sector is set to experience significant growth with a larger customer base and government initiatives.