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Today: Jun 13, 2024

Danske Bank teams up with Backbase for revolutionary digital shift.

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Danske Bank has partnered with Backbase to implement the Engagement Banking Platform across its digital channels in order to enhance the customer experience and facilitate digital transformation. The platform aims to create a unified, mobile-first engagement model that can tailor business operations to customer journeys. This collaboration will enable Danske Bank to implement business capabilities quickly and adapt to market dynamics. The bank is committed to innovation and customer focus and sees this partnership as a step towards achieving its ambition to create a new platform that operates seamlessly across various channels. Danske Bank’s COO stated that the platform will improve interaction with customers, allowing for increased convenience, personalization, insights, proactivity, and access to assistance and advice. Backbase, a leader in Engagement Banking, will support Danske Bank in executing a bank-wide digital transformation program. The CEO of Backbase expressed excitement about redefining the future of banking through this collaboration.