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Today: Jun 14, 2024

Your Rich BFF: Vivian Tu, simplifying finance for young wealth builders.

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TL;DR Vivian Tu, a former Wall Street trader and tech sales strategist, is helping young people build wealth by demystifying personal finance. Tu shares financial information in a way that is accessible and relatable, aiming to provide a financial education that many have not received in school. Her goal is to help people raise their own standard of living by teaching them no-nonsense strategies for saving, budgeting, paying down debt, and investing. Tu’s advice highlights the importance of following the rules that wealthy people have used for generations, such as investing to keep up with inflation. She emphasizes that investing can be accessible to anyone, even with a small amount of money, and provides examples of how to get started. Tu also challenges traditional financial advice that often focuses on cutting back on small luxuries, arguing that people should also focus on increasing their income through raises or side-hustles they enjoy. Her new book, “RICH AF: The Winning Money Mindset That Will Change Your Life,” offers step-by-step advice for achieving financial independence and addresses issues of inequality in financial systems.