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Today: Jun 14, 2024

Digital Banking: Beyond Digital-Only

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TLDR: Customers are increasingly turning to digital banking, but there are aspects of the financial journey that are still best accomplished with a human touch. Banks that fail to strike a balance between digital technology and human-centric customer interaction risk losing customers to competitors. Digital banking has grown in popularity, especially among younger demographics, with ease of use and the closure of physical bank branches contributing to this shift. However, customers still have reservations about the service potential of digital technology and believe that a balance between digital and in-person services is necessary. A recent survey showed that 97% of customers have a positive experience with digital banking, but 71% expressed anxiety about generative AI in financial services. Customers prioritize personalized services and expect banks to offer tailored solutions. Banks that do not prioritize personalized experiences and fail to balance digital and in-person services risk losing customers. Approximately 25% of customers switched banks in the past year, with 51% of those citing the desire for better digital experiences and 39% seeking enhanced customer service. Customers also grow impatient with digital friction, with 68% abandoning online account sign-up processes that are obtuse or complicated. Banks must find a balance between digital innovation and human interaction to provide a holistic banking experience that meets the diverse needs and preferences of customers. Personalized advice and guidance from human representatives are essential in navigating complex financial matters and instilling customer confidence.