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Today: Jun 14, 2024

T3 report: Advisor’s ultimate tech guide.

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The 2024 T3/Inside Information Software Survey report highlights the top technology tools that financial advisors are currently using. The survey reveals that Redtail, now part of Orion, is the dominant CRM program with over 45% market share. MoneyGuidePro Elite has the most market share in financial planning software, followed by eMoney Pro. The report also highlights the growing adoption of estate planning solutions among advisors, as well as the increasing popularity of tax planning and retirement distribution planning products. While video conferencing platforms have become essential for advisors, the report suggests that marketing-related tools such as content and lead capture have received lower ratings. Zoom is currently leading the market in video conferencing platforms, followed by Microsoft Teams. The conference participants emphasized the importance of personalization and scale for advisors and the need to evaluate the people behind the technology when considering different vendors.