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Today: Jun 13, 2024

DirectBooks secures Mizuho Americas’ strategic investment, revolutionizing FinTech innovation.

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– DirectBooks, a fintech platform that aims to improve primary market communications, has secured a strategic investment from Mizuho Americas.
– Mizuho Americas will join DirectBooks’ board of directors and collaborate with leading investment banks to enhance capital markets.
– DirectBooks has over 34 banks and 500 institutional investors using its platform, and Mizuho Americas was the first non-consortium bank user of the platform.

DirectBooks has received a strategic investment from Mizuho Americas, enabling the bank to sit on DirectBooks’ board of directors and boost collaboration with investment banks on a global scale. Mizuho Americas will follow in the footsteps of banks such as Bank of America, Barclays and Goldman Sachs by using the DirectBooks platform, a fintech consortium that aims to improve capital market operations. Since being established, the DirectBooks platform has grown to include more than 34 banks and over 500 institutional investors. The recent strategic investment from Mizuho Americas reflects its commitment to driving innovation and efficiency across global capital markets. With assets totalling around $2tn, Mizuho Financial Group is the 15th largest bank in the world.