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Today: Jun 14, 2024

Over half of women in MENA lack investment knowledge, survey finds.

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  • 54% of women in the Middle East and North Africa region lack understanding of investments
  • Their wealth growth rate is faster than men, projected to reach 35% by 2025

The article discusses the emerging trend of women amassing wealth and gaining prominence as investors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Despite the exponential growth of women’s wealth in the region, over half of women lack understanding of investments. A study by UBS in partnership with Women in Business Arabia revealed that only 7.5% of women in the region considered their investment knowledge to be high.

The report highlights the need for financial literacy among women in the region and indicates an opportunity to promote investment literacy. The swift expansion of women’s wealth in the Middle East signifies their economic empowerment and changing social norms regarding women’s access to financial resources. However, there are still obstacles hindering women’s access to wealth, such as disparities in inheritance laws, limited financial education, and cultural norms.

UBS emphasizes the importance of early financial education and financial literacy for women, as well as incorporating gender considerations in investments to advance gender equality. The report calls for systemic support and mentorship to improve women’s engagement in finance, investment, and entrepreneurship in the MENA region.