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Today: Jun 14, 2024

Big donors make limits on campaign finance, facing Oregon lawmakers.

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– Business and labor groups in Oregon have negotiated campaign finance limits they hope to pass before lawmakers adjourn in March.

– Critics say the proposal is weak and contains loopholes.

Some of Oregon’s most influential political donors have come together to create a proposal for limiting campaign contributions in the state. The proposal aims to limit how much businesses, political committees, interest groups, labor unions, and individuals can donate to campaigns and causes starting in 2026. The bill, introduced as an amendment to House Bill 4024, is set for a hearing. Critics, however, are already pointing out flaws in the proposal, such as broad loopholes and weak enforcement provisions.

The proposal creates a complex system of limits for various groups and committees. It includes limits on individual donations to candidates, donations to political committees, and unlimited donations to membership organizations. The proposal also addresses the disclosure of “independent expenditures,” requiring groups that spend a certain amount on independent political spending to report large donors to the Oregon Secretary of State. Whether or not the proposal will win the support of Democrats and Republicans remains uncertain, but the fact that labor unions and business groups have found common ground suggests a compromise is possible.

If lawmakers do pass limits, voters may still see a proposal on the ballot from groups backing Initiative Petition 9, who remain skeptical of the current proposal.